05T x 90 Cam Chain

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05T x 90 Cam Chain

  • Endless cam chain
  • Length: 90 links
  • Pitch: 8mm
  • Roller width: 4.61mm
  • Overall width: 11.5mm
  • Made in Japan to OEM specification

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KEF300 A Lakota 1995-00
KEF300 B Lakota Sport 2001-03
KL250 A 1978-84
KLF220 A Bayou 1988-02
KLF250 A Bayou 2003-11
KLF300 A Bayou 1986-87
KLF300 B Bayou 1988-04
KLF300 C Bayou 4x4 1989-05
KLR250 A (KL250) 1978-82
KLR250 C (KL250) 1983-84
KLT200 A 1980-84
KLT200 C 1983-84
KLT250 A 1982-83
KLT250 C Prairie 1983-85
KVF300 A Prairie 4x4 1999-02
KVF300 B Prairie 2x4 1999-02
Z200 (KZ200A) 1977-83
Z250 C (Single Cylinder) 1980-83
Z250 G LTD (Single Cylinder) 1981-83

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