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10.5mm x 7.25mm x 4mm Valve Stem Oil Seals

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10.5mm x 7.25mm x 4mm Valve Stem Oil Seals

  • Outer diameter 9.5mm
  • Inner diameter 7.25mm
  • Stem 4mm
  • Height 8mm
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Inlet or Exhaust

Leonardo 125 1996-01
Leonardo 125 SP 1999-04
Leonardo 125 ST 1999-04
Leonardo 150 1996-01
Leonardo 150 SP 1999-04
Leonardo 150 ST 1999-04
Scarabeo 125 (Rotax Engine) 1999-02
Scarabeo 150 (Rotax Engine) 1999-02
Inlet or Exhaust

Velvet 125 1999-10
Inlet or Exhaust

CMX450 2008
Inlet or Exhaust

AX-1 (NX250) 1989-93
CB1000 R 2009-11
CB1000 RA (ABS) 2009-11
CB500 (Twin) 1993-02
CB500 S (Twin) 1998-02
CB600 F (PC34) Hornet 1998-01
CB600 F (PC36) Hornet 2002-06
CB600 FS Hornet (PC34) 2000-01
CB600 FS Hornet (PC36) 2002
CB900 F Hornet (SC48) 2002-05
CBF1000 2006-10
CBF1000 A (ABS) 2006-10
CBR1000 RA Fireblade (C-ABS) 2010-11
CBR1000 RR Fireblade 2010-11
CBR600 F 1987-07
CBR600 FA (ABS) 2011
CBR600 FS Sport 2001-02
CBR600 RR 2003-04
CBR900 RR 954 Fireblade 2002-03
CBR900 RR Fireblade 1992-01
CHF50 Scoopy 2001-05
CRF150 R 2007-11
CRF150 RB (Big Wheel) 2007-11
FJS400 A Silverwing 2009
FJS400 D Silverwing 2006-09
FJS600 A Silver Wing (ABS) 2003-07
FJS600 D Silver Wing (ABS) 2007-09
FJS600 D Silver Wing (Non-ABS) 2003-06
FJS600 Silver Wing (Non-ABS) 2001-02
GB500 Clubman 1989-91
GB500 TT 1989-90
NPS50 Ruckus 2003-04, 2007-09
NPS50 Zoomer 2003-09
NX250 (MD21) 1988-91, 1993
NX250 2 (MD25) 1990-93
SH300 i A 2007-11
SH300 i R 2008-10
ST1100 A Pan European (ABS) 1992-95
ST1100 A Pan European (ABS) (LBS) 1996-02
ST1100 Pan European 1990-02
VFR400 R3K (NC30) 1989-90
VFR400 R3L (NC30) 1990-91
VFR400 R3M (NC30) 1991-92
VFR400 R3N (NC30) 1992-93
VFR750 R (RC30) 1988-90
VFR800 A VTEC (ABS) (RC46) 2002-07
VFR800 Fi (RC46) 1998-01
VFR800 VTEC (RC46) 2002-07
Inlet or Exhaust

KLE650 A Versys 2007-09
KLE650 B Versys (ABS) 2007-09
KLE650 C Versys 2010
KLE650 D Versys (ABS) 2010
KLX110 A 2002-09
KLX110 C 2010-11
KLX110 L D 2010-11
KLX250 ES (LX250F) 1994-97
KLX250 S T 2009-10
KLX250 SF W 2009-10
KX250 F (4T) N 2004-05
KX250 F (4T) T 2006-08
KX250 F (4T) W 2009
KX250 F (4T) X 2010
KX250 F (4T) Y 2011-12
Ninja 250 R (EX250K) 2008-10
Z1000 (ABS) (ZR1000C) 2007-09
Z1000 (ZR1000D) 2010-11
Z750 (ABS) (ZR750M) 2007-09
Z750 (ZR750J) 2004-06
Z750 (ZR750L) 2007-10
Z750 S (ZR750K) 2005-06
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000C) 2004-05
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000D) 2006-07
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000E) 2008-09
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000F) 2010
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600-F1) 1995
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600-F2) 1996
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600-F3) 1997
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600G) 1998-99
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600J) 2000-02
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600P) 2007-08
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600R) 2009-11
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636A) 2002
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636B) 2003-04
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636C) 2005-06
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636D) 2006
ZX-6RR Ninja (ZX600K) 2003
ZX-6RR Ninja (ZX600M) 2004
ZX-6RR Ninja (ZX600N) 2005-06
ZX-9R Ninja (ZX900E) 2000-01
ZX-9R Ninja (ZX900F) 2002-03
ZZR600 (ZX600J) 2005, 2007-08
Inlet or Exhaust

Madison 125 R 2003-07
Madison 125 T 1999-05
Inlet or Exhaust

XN125 Doodo 2000-03
XQ125 Thunder 2001-03
YP125 D Skyliner 1998-06
YP400 Skyliner 2004
Inlet or Exhaust

AN125 Burgman 1995-00
AN250 Burgman 1998-02
AN400 Burgman 1999-06
GSXR600 1997-00
RF900 R 1994-99
RM-Z250 (4T) 2004-06
Inlet or Exhaust

FJR1300 2001-05
FJR1300 A 2003-10
FJR1300 AS (YCCS) 2006-10
FZ1 N Fazer (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2006-10
FZ1 NA Fazer (Naked) (ABS) 2008-10
FZ1 S Fazer (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2006-10
FZ1 SA Fazer (Half Faired) (ABS) 2007-10
FZ6 -N (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2004-09
FZ6 -NA (Naked) (ABS) 2007-09
FZ6 -S Fazer (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2004-09
FZ6 -SA Fazer (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006-09
FZ700 1987
FZ750 1985-91
FZR400 (EXUP) (3EN) 1988
FZR400 R (EXUP) (3EN) 1989
FZR400 RR (EXUP) (3TJ) 1989
FZR400 RR (EXUP) (4DX) 1990-95
FZR400 RRSP (EXUP) (3TJ) 1990, 1992, 1994
FZR400 RSP (EXUP) (2TK) 1987
FZR600 1989-93
FZR600 R 1994-95
FZR750 Genesis 1987-89
FZR750 R (OW01) 1989-92
FZS600 Fazer 1998-03
FZX700 1986-87
FZX750 Fazer 1986-89
TTR90 2000-07
TTR90 E 2003-07
V-Max 1700 2009-10
WR250 F 2001
WR400 F 1998-02
WR426 F 2001-02
WR450 F 2003-10
XJ6 -F Diversion (Fully Faired) (Non-ABS) 2010
XJ6 -FA Diversion (Fully Faired) (ABS) 2010
XJ6 -N Diversion (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2009-10
XJ6 -NA Diversion (Naked) (ABS) 2009-10
XJ6 -S Diversion (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2009-10
XJ6 -SA Diversion (Half Faired) (ABS) 2009-10
XJ600 N Diversion (Naked) (4KE) 1998-02
XJ600 N Diversion (Naked) (4MB) 1998-99
XJ600 S Diversion (Half Faired) 1996-97
XP500 T-Max 2004-10
YFZ450 (Quad) 2004-08
YP400 Majesty 2004-11
YZ250 F (4T) 2001-11
YZ400 F (4T) 1998-99
YZ426 F (4T) 2000-02
YZ450 F (4T) 2003-09
YZF-R1 (1000cc) 1998-08
YZF-R1 (1000cc) SP (50th Anniversary) 2006
YZF-R6 1998-11
YZF-R7 (OW02) 1999-01
YZF600 R Thunder Cat 1996-03
YZF750 R 1993-97
YZF750 SP 1993-96

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