12.5mm x 24.5mm x 12.5mm Camshaft End Plug

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12.5mm x 24.5mm x 12.5mm Camshaft End Plug

  • Length: 24.5mm
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Thickness: 12.5mm

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GPZ550 (Z550D) Twin Shock 1981
GPZ550 (ZX550A) Unitrack 1983-92
GPZ550 (ZX550H) Unitrack 1982-83
GPZ750 (ZX750A) 1983-89
GPZ750 R (ZX750G) 1984-88
GPZ750 R1 (Z750) 1982
GPZ750 Turbo (ZX750E) 1983-87
GT550 (Z550G) 1983-86, 1988-89
GT750 (Z750P) 1982-94
Z400 F2 (ZX400C) 1985-87
Z400 J 1980-83
Z500 (KZ500B) 1979-80
Z550 (KZ550A) 1980-83
Z550 (KZ550C) LTD 1980-83
Z550 (KZ550F) Spectre 1983-84
Z550 (KZ550M) LTD Shaft 1983
Z550 F (ZR550A) 1983-84
Z650 (KZ650B) 1977-79
Z650 (KZ650C) 1976-80
Z650 (KZ650D) (SR650) 1978-81
Z650 (KZ650E) LTD 1980
Z650 (KZ650F) 1979-85
Z650 (KZ650H) CSR 1981-83
Z700 (KZ700A) 1984
Z750 (KZ750E) 1980-82
Z750 (KZ750F) LTD Shaft 1983
Z750 (KZ750H) LTD 1980-83
Z750 (KZ750L) 1981-84
Z750 (KZ750N) Spectre 1982-83
ZN700 A LTD 1984-85
ZR400 A (Z400F) 1983
ZR400 B (Z400F) 1984
ZR400 C Zephyr 1989-91
ZR750 C Zephyr 1991-95
ZR750 D Zephyr 1996-97

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