12mm Spark Plug Thread saver

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12mm Spark Plug Thread saver

The Thread saver does what it's name implies... it saves threads. This unique tool was designed for one purpose and that is to clean or repair damaged spark plug port hole threads.

The Thread saver is for the most popular range of spark plugs, and is suitable for plain or tapered plug seat types with a 12mm thread, all plugs have the same pitch. All the you need to use it is a 5/8" spark plug socket or spanner. Thread saver will save you time and money.

The Thread saver is a collapsible tap with a centre rod that enables the user to regulate the amount of pressure at the thread cutting end of the tool. It enables the user to adjust the cutting depth of the thread by simply pushing the rod toward the cutting head to increase depth or retracting the rod to reduce cutting depth.

To start the operation, the expanding rod is removed. This allows the collapsible tap end to be inserted into the spark plug port hole. Bearing in mind this unique tool cleans or cuts the thread on the way out. With the collapsible tap end, the tool is inserted past the damaged or contaminated spark plug thread. The expanding rod is replaced through the centre of the Thread saver tool and now comes the best part, the Thread saver is wound out cleaning or repairing and realigning the thread and with the help of a little grease on the tap end, metal and carbon particles are brought out through the spark plug port hole along with the Thread saver tool.

The Thread saver is a cheap investment, is simple, and is fast and easy to use. It will go a long way in assisting to reduce lost labour time on a fairly common workshop problem when replacing spark plugs.

A tool that every technician should have, Thread saver works on cast iron and alloy cylinder heads, can be used on cars, trucks, motor cycles, marine, lawn mowers, chainsaws or anything that uses a 12mm spark plug.

If you change sparkplugs, you need the amazing Thread saver!

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