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12V 10W BAX15s Small Amber Indicator Bulbs

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12V 10W BAX15s Small Amber Indicator Bulbs

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VFR1200 F 2010-13
Front or Rear, Either Side

AFS110 Wave 2013
CB1300 A Super Four (ABS) 2005-06
CB1300 SA Super Bol d'Or (ABS) 2005-10
CB1300 Super Four 2006
CBF1000 2006-10
CBF1000 A (ABS) 2006-10
CBF125 M 2009-13
CBR1000 RA Fireblade (C-ABS) 2009-13
CBR1000 RR Fireblade 2008-13
CBR125 R 2011
CBR250 R 2011
CBR250 RA (ABS) 2011-13
CBR600 F (Non-ABS) 2011
CBR600 FA (ABS) 2011-12
CBR600 RA (C-ABS) 2012-13
CBR600 RR 2012-13
CRF250 L 2013
CRF250 M 2013
NC700 S (C-ABS) 2012-13
NC700 X (DCT) 2012-14
NSC110 MPD Vision 2013
SH125 i (Rear Disc) 2012
SH125 i A (Rear Disc) (ABS) 2012
SH125 i D (Rear Drum) 2009
SH300 i A 2012-13

SH125 i (Rear Disc) 2009-11
SH150 i (Rear Disc) 2009-11
SH150 i D (Rear Drum) 2009
XL1000 V Varadero 2007-11
XL1000 VA Varadero (ABS) 2007-11
XL125 V Varadero 2007-11

Z1000 (ABS) (ZR1000C) 2008-09
Z1000 (ZR1000B) 2008-09
Front or Rear, Either Side

ER-6 F (ABS) (EX650D) 2009-10
ER-6 F (ABS) (EX650F) 2013-14
ER-6 F (EX650C) 2009-11
ER-6 F (EX650E) 2012-14
ER-6 N (ABS) (ER650D) 2009-10
ER-6 N (ER650C) 2009-11
ER-6 N (ER650E) 2012-14
KLE650 A Versys 2009
KLE650 B Versys (ABS) 2009
KLE650 C Versys 2010-14
KLE650 D Versys (ABS) 2010, 2014
KLX250 S T 2009-10, 2012-14
KLX250 SF W 2009-10
KLZ1000 A Versys 2012-14
Ninja 1000 (ABS) (ZX1000H) 2012-13
Ninja 1000 (ABS) (ZX1000M) 2014
Ninja 1000 (ZX1000G) 2011-13
Ninja 250 R (EX250J) 2008-12
Ninja 250 R (EX250K) 2008-10
Ninja 300 R (EX300A) 2013-14
Ninja 300 R (EX300A) (ABS) 2013-14
Ninja 300 R (EX300B) 2013-14
Ninja 300 R (EX300B) (ABS) 2013-14
Ninja 300 R SE (EX300A) 2014
Ninja 300 R SE (EX300A) (ABS) 2014
Ninja 300 R SE (EX300B) 2014
Ninja 300 R SE (EX300B) (ABS) 2014
Z1000 (ABS) (ZR1000G) 2014
ZR800 A 2013-14
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000E) 2008-09
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000F) 2010
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636E) 2013-14
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX636F) (ABS) 2013-14

Z1000 (ZR1000D) 2010-13
ZX-10R Ninja (ABS) (ZX1000K) 2011-14
ZX-10R Ninja (ZX1000J) 2011-14
ZX-6R Ninja (ZX600R) 2009-12

UH125 Burgman 2007-10
UH200 Burgman 2007-11
Front or Rear, Either Side

AN400 Burgman 2003-11
AN400 ZA Burgman (ABS) 2009-14
AN650 A Burgman Executive (ABS) 2006-14
AN650 Burgman 2006-11
DL1000 V-Strom 2007-12
DL650 A V-Strom (ABS) 2009-14
DL650 V-Strom 2009-10
DR-Z400 S 2009-12
DR-Z400 SM 2009-12
GSF1200 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2006
GSF1200 Bandit (Naked) 2006
GSF1200 S Bandit (Half Faired) 2006
GSF1200 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006
GSF1250 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2007-09
GSF1250 Bandit (Naked) 2007-09
GSF1250 S Bandit (Half Faired) 2007-11
GSF1250 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 2007-11
GSF650 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2006-08
GSF650 Bandit (Naked) 2006-08
GSF650 S Bandit (Faired) 2006-08
GSF650 SA Bandit (Faired) (ABS) 2006-08
GSX1250 FA (Fully Faired) (ABS) 2010-14
GSX1300 BK B-King 2008-10
GSX1300 R Hayabusa 2006-12
GSX650 F 2008-11
GSXR1000 2005-14
GSXR600 2006-14
GSXR750 2006-14
GW250 Inazuma 2012-14
SV650 SA Half Faired (ABS) 2011-12
UX125 SIXteen 2008-10
UX150 SIXteen 2008-10

AN250 Burgman 2001-02
AN400 Burgman 2001-02
FL125 SDW Address 2007-10

VP300 Versity 2002-05
XC125 Vity 2008-11
YP125 Majesty 2003-06
YP125 R X-Max 2006-14
YP125 RA X-Max (ABS) 2011-14
YP250 R X-Max 2005-14
YP250 RA X-Max (ABS) 2012-14
YP400 Majesty 2009-11
YP400 R X-Max 2013-14
YP400 RA X-Max (ABS) 2014
Front or Rear, Either Side

DT125 RE 2004-06
DT125 X 2005-06
FZ8 -N Fazer (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2013-14
FZ8 -NA Fazer (Naked) (ABS) 2013-14
MT-03 (660cc) 2006-10
MT-07 2014
MT-09 (850cc) 2014
MT-09 (850cc) A (ABS) 2014
NS50 Aerox 2013-14
NS50 F Aerox 4 2014
VP125 X-City 2008-10
VP250 X-City 2007-13
WR125 R 2009-13
WR125 X (Supermoto) 2009-13
XC115 S Delight 2014
XJ6 -F Diversion (Fully Faired) (Non-ABS) 2013-14
XJ6 -FA Diversion (Fully Faired) (ABS) 2013-14
XJ6 -N Diversion (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2013-14
XJ6 -NA Diversion (Naked) (ABS) 2013-14
XJ6 -S Diversion (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2012-14
XJ6 -SA Diversion (Half Faired) (ABS) 2012-14
XP500 A T-Max (ABS) 2012-14
XP500 T-Max 2012-14
XT660 R 2004-11, 2014
XT660 X Supermoto 2004-11, 2014
XT660 Z Tenere 2008-13
YFM250 R Raptor 2008-10
YFM350 R Raptor 2007-09
YN50 F (Neos 4) (4T) (EFI) 2009-14
YN50 Neos (2T) 2008-13
YZF-R1 (1000cc) 2012-14
YZF-R125 2008-14

FJR1300 A 2006-14
FJR1300 AE (YCCT) 2014
FJR1300 AS (YCCS) 2006-13

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