12v 7-Pin Indicator Relay

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12v 7-Pin Indicator Relay

  • Combined integral turn signal and fuel pump relay
  • For use with all bulbs and LEDs
  • As fitted to late Suzuki models with hazard warning lights
  • Replacement for Suzuki OE 38610-03F00
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KLV1000 (LV1000A) 2004-05
AN250 Burgman 1998-02
AN400 Burgman 1999-10
AN400 ZA Burgman (ABS) 2009-10
AN650 A Burgman Executive (ABS) 2006-09
AN650 Burgman 2006-08
DL1000 V-Strom 2002-10
DL650 A V-Strom (ABS) 2007-10
DL650 V-Strom 2004-10
DR-Z400 E 2000-07
DR-Z400 S 2000-11
DR-Z400 SM 2005-11
GN250 1998-99
GSF1200 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2006
GSF1200 Bandit (Naked) 2001-06
GSF1200 S Bandit (Half Faired) 2001-06
GSF1200 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006
GSF1250 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2007-10
GSF1250 Bandit (Naked) 2007-10
GSF1250 S Bandit (Half Faired) 2007-10
GSF1250 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 2007-10
GSF600 Bandit (Naked) 2000-04
GSF650 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2005-12
GSF650 Bandit (Naked) 2005-12
GSF650 S Bandit (Faired) 2005-12
GSF650 SA Bandit (Faired) (ABS) 2005-12
GSR400 2006
GSR600 (Naked) 2006-10
GSR600 S (Faired) 2006-08
GSX1200 Inazuma 1998-00
GSX1300 BK B-King 2008-10
GSX1300 R Hayabusa 1999-11
GSX1400 2001-08
GSX600 F 1998-06
GSX650 F 2008-10
GSX750 F (Fully Faired) 1998-06
GSX750 Inazuma 1998-01
GSXR1000 2001-12
GSXR600 1997-12
GSXR750 1996-11
GZ125 Marauder 1998-10
LT-F250 (2WD) 2006-10
LT-Z400 Quadsport 2003-08
RV125 VanVan 2002-10
SFV650 A Gladius (ABS) 2012
SFV650 Gladius 2009-12
SV1000 (Naked) 2003-07
SV1000 S (Half Faired) 2003-07
SV650 A Naked (ABS) 2007-10
SV650 Naked 2003-10
SV650 S Half Faired 1999-10
SV650 SA Half Faired (ABS) 2007-10
TL1000 R (Fully Faired) 1998-03
TU250 X 1997-00
VL125 Intruder 1999-08
VL1500 C1500 Intruder (EFI) 2005-09
VL1500 Intruder LC 1998-04
VL800 Intruder C800 2005-12
VL800 Intruder Volusia 2001-04
VLR1800 C1800R Intruder 2008-10
VLR1800 C1800RT Intruder Touring 2008-09
VZ1500 M1500 Intruder (EFI) 2009-10
VZ800 M800 Intruder 2005-10
VZ800 Marauder 1997-04
VZ800 Z M800 Intruder (EFI) 2009-10
VZR1800 M1800R Intruder 2006-09
VZR1800 M1800R2 Intruder 2008-09
VZR1800 M1800RZ Intruder Limited 2007-10

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