12v CDI Ignition Coil with Twin HT Leads + 2 Terminals (90mm) - 005120

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12v CDI Ignition Coil with Twin HT Leads + 2 Terminals (90mm) - 005120

  • 12v CDI ignition coil
  • 2 spade terminals
  • Centre-to-centre distance between mounting holes: 90mm
  • Twin HT leads
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GSF1200 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2006
GSF1200 Bandit (Naked) 1996-06
GSF1200 S Bandit (Half Faired) 1996-06
GSF1200 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 1997, 2006
GSF400 Bandit 1991-93
GSF650 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2005-06
GSF650 Bandit (Naked) 2005-06
GSF650 S Bandit (Faired) 2005-06
GSF650 SA Bandit (Faired) (ABS) 2005-06
GSX1100 F 1991-96
GSX1100 G (Shaft Drive) 1991-94
GSX1100 S Katana 1982-84
GSX1200 Inazuma 1999-00
GSX400 F 1981
GSX600 F 1988-06
GSX750 F (Fully Faired) 1989-06
GSX750 Inazuma 1998-01
GSX750 S Katana 1984-85
GSXR1100 1986-92
GSXR1100 W (L/C) 1993-98
GSXR1100 WSK (L/C) (Race Swing Arm) 1995-96
GSXR600 W (L/C) 1992-93
GSXR750 1985-91, 1996-97
GSXR750 R Racing 1986, 1989
GSXR750 SP Racing (L/C) 1994-95
GSXR750 W (L/C) 1992-95
GT200 E (X5) 1979-82
GT250 E (X7) 1979-83
GT500 1975-77
RF600 R 1993-98
RF900 R 1994-99
RG250 F Gamma Mk2 1985
RG250 F Gamma Mk3 1986-87
RG250 W Gamma Mk1 1983-84
RG400 EW Gamma 1984-87
RG500 C Gamma 1987
RG500 Gamma 1986
SB200 1979-83
FJ1200 (1TX) 1986-87
FJ600 1984-85
FJR1300 2001-05
FJR1300 A 2003-12
FJR1300 AS (YCCS) 2006-12
FZ6 -N (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2004-10
FZ6 -NA (Naked) (ABS) 2007-10
FZ6 -R 2009-14
FZ6 -S Fazer (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2004-10
FZ6 -SA Fazer (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006-10
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FZ700 1987-88
FZ750 1985-91
FZR400 (EXUP) (3EN) 1988
FZR400 R (EXUP) (3EN) 1989
FZR400 RR (EXUP) (3TJ) 1989
FZR400 RR (EXUP) (4DX) 1990-95
FZR400 RRSP (EXUP) (3TJ) 1990-94
FZR400 RSP (EXUP) (2TK) 1987
FZR750 Genesis 1987-89
FZR750 R (OW01) 1989-92
FZS1000 Fazer 2001-05
FZS1000 S Fazer 2003-05
FZS600 Fazer 1998-03
FZX750 Fazer 1986-89
GTS 1000 A (ABS) (EFI) 1993-00
RD350 R YPVS (Fully Faired) (Twin Headlight) 1991-95
RD500 LC 1984-87
RZ250 R 1988
TDM850 (3VD) 1991-95
TDR250 1988-92
TZR250 (2MA/2XW/1KT/2AW) 1987-92
VMX1200 (V-Max) 1986-03
XJ550 1981-85
XJ6 -F Diversion (Fully Faired) (Non-ABS) 2010-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -FA Diversion (Fully Faired) (ABS) 2010-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -N Diversion (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2009-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -NA Diversion (Naked) (ABS) 2009-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -S Diversion (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2009-14
XJ6 -SA Diversion (Half Faired) (ABS) 2009-14
XJ600 (51J/3KM1) 1984-91
XJ700 Maxim 1985-86
XJ700 X Maxim 1985-86
XJ900 1987-94
XJ900 S Diversion 1997-02
XP500 T-Max 2001-11
XV1600 ALE Road Star (Limited Edition) 2003
XV1600 AS Road Star Midnight Star 2001-03
XV1600 AS Road Star MM (Limited Edition) 2000
XV1600 AT Road Star Silverado 1999-03
XV1600 ATLE Road Star Silverado (Limited Edition) 2003
XV1700 AS Road Star S 2008-14
XV1700 AT Road Star Silverado 2008-10
XV1700 ATS Road Star Silverado S 2008-14
XV1700 PC Road Star Warrior 2002-09
YFZ350 Banshee 1987-09
YZF-R1 (1000cc) 1998-01
YZF1000 R Thunder Ace 1996-01
YZF600 R Thunder Cat 1996-07
YZF750 R 1995-98
YZF750 SP 1995-96

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