19.60mm x 36.00mm x 3.00mm Clutch Springs

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19.60mm x 36.00mm x 3.00mm Clutch Springs

  • Outer diameter 19.60mm
  • Length 36.00mm
  • Thickness 3.00mm
  • Heavy duty clutch springs
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DR800 S (SR43A) 1991-97
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GS700 ES (Half Faired) 1985
GSX600 F 1988-91
GSX750 EF (Fully Faired) 1984-85
GSX750 ES (Half Faired) 1983-86
GSX750 S Katana 1984-85
GSXR750 1985-87
LS650 F Savage 1986-89
LS650 P Savage 1986-04
LS650 Savage 2005-12
VS600 GL Intruder 1995-97
VS750 GL Intruder 1985, 1992-93
VS750 GLEF Intruder 1987
VS750 GLEP Intruder 1987
VS750 GLF Intruder 1986-91
VS750 GLP Intruder 1986-91
VS800 GL Intruder 1992-00
XF650 Freewind 1997-01

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