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25.5mm Brake Caliper Piston Seal Kit (x100)

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25.5mm Brake Caliper Piston Seal Kit (x100)

  • Piston outer diameter 25.5mm
  • Each kit contains an inner oil seal and an outer dust seal
  • Enough seals for 100 pistons
  • Fit Japanese bikes only unless stated otherwise
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CB1100 SF X11 1999
CBR1000 F 1993-99
CBR1100 XX Blackbird 2007-08
VFR400 R3N (NC30) 1993

CA125 Rebel 2000
CB600 F (PC34) Hornet 2000-01
CB600 F (PC36) Hornet 2002-06
CB600 F Hornet 2007-10
CB600 FS Hornet (PC34) 2000-01
CB600 FS Hornet (PC36) 2002
CBF1000 2006-10
CBF1000 A (ABS) 2006-10
CBF1000 F 2010-11
CBF125 M 2008, 2012
CBF600 N 2004-09
CBF600 NA 2004-07
CBF600 S 2004-09
CBF600 SA 2004-07
CBR1000 F 1989-92
CBR125 R 2012-16
CBR250 FG/FGYA (MC14) 1986
CBR250 R (MC17) 1987
CBR250 RR (MC22) 1990-94
CBR400 RR (NC23) 1988-89
CBR400 RR (NC29) 1990-94
CBR600 F 1991-98
CBR750 F Superaero 1987-88
CH250 Spacy 1985-86
CLR125 City Fly 1999-03
CRF230 L 2010
GL1500 A Gold Wing Aspencade 1991-99
GL1500 I Gold Wing (Interstate) 1991-97
GL1500 SE Gold Wing 1991-00
MBX50 S 1986
NS125 F 1987-89
NS250 F 1984
NS250 R 1984-86
NSR250 R (MC16) 1986
NSR250 R2/R4 (MC18) 1988
NSR250 R5/R6 (MC18) 1989
NSR50 1991, 1996
NSR80 1988-95, 1997-99
ST1100 A Pan European (ABS) (LBS) 1996-02
TRX450 ER 2006-09
TRX450 R 2004-09
TRX700 XX 2008-09, 2011
VFR400 ZG (NC21) 1986
VFR400 ZH (NC21) 1987
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VFR750 F (RC36) 1990-98
VFR800 Fi (RC46) 1998-01
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VTX1800 C 2001-08
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XL600 LM 1985-87
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XL600 RM 1986-88
XRV750 Africa Twin (RD04) 1990-92
Front Left

DN-01 (NSA700A) 2008-09
GL1200 Gold Wing Standard 1984
GL1200 I Gold Wing Interstate 1984-87
GL1200 L Gold Wing Limited (EFI) 1985
GL1200 SE-i Gold Wing (EFI) 1986
GL1500 A Gold Wing Aspencade 2000
GL1500 Gold Wing (Standard) 1988-90
NT700 V/VA Deauville 2006-10
XL1000 V Varadero 1999-11
XL1000 VA Varadero (ABS) 2004-11
XL700 V Transalp (Non-ABS) 2011
XL700 VA Transalp (ABS) 2008-11
Front Left or Right

CB750 F2 (RC42) Seven Fifty 1992-01
Front or Rear

CB1100 SF X11 2000-03
CBR1100 XX Blackbird 1997-06
VFR400 R3N (NC30) 1992
VFR800 A VTEC (ABS) (RC46) 2002-09
VFR800 VTEC (RC46) 2002-09
Front Right

ANF125 i Innova 2011-12
ANF125 Innova 2003-10
CA125 Rebel 1995-99
CB50 Dream 1997-98
CBF125 M 2009-11
CBF250 2004-06
CBF500 A (ABS) 2004-06
CBR125 R 2007-11
CBR125 R (Carb Model) 2004-06
CBR250 R 2011
CBR250 RA (ABS) 2011-13
CLR125 City Fly 1998
CMX250 C Rebel 1996-09
CRF230 L 2008-09
CRM125 R 1990-99
FES125 Pantheon 1998-02
FES150 Pantheon 1998-06
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MBX50 S 1983-85
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NS125 R 1987
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NSR125 R 1989-01
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NSR50 F 1993-95
NSR50 R 1997-00
NSR50 S 1989-95
NSR75 (NS-1) 1992-00
NSS250 Forza 2001-04
NX125 1989-90
SH125 i (Rear Disc) 2009-11
SH150 i (Rear Disc) 2009-11
SH300 i A 2007-11
SH300 i R 2008-10
SJ100 Bali 1996-99
SJ50 Bali 1993-99
VF750 C Magna 1993-99
VT125 C Shadow 1999-06
VT750 C/C2 Shadow 1997-98, 2000
XL125 R (Front Disc) 1985-87
XL125 V Varadero 2001-11

NR750 1992
NSR250 R2/R3 (MC28) 1994, 1996
NSR250 R3 (MC28) 1995
RVF400 RR (NC35) 1994-95
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RVF400 RT (NC35) 1996
RVF400 RTII (NC35) 1996
RVF750 R (RC45) 1994-99
ST1300 Pan European 2004-08
VFR400 R3K (NC30) 1989-90
VFR400 R3L (NC30) 1990-91
VFR400 R3M (NC30) 1991-92
VFR750 R (RC30) 1988-90

KLF400 B Bayou 4x4 1993-99

AN400 Burgman 2007-11
AN400 ZA Burgman (ABS) 2009-13
AN650 A Burgman Executive (ABS) 2004-12
AN650 Burgman 2003-11
GSF600 Bandit (Naked) 1995-99
GSF600 S Bandit (Faired) 1996-99
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Front Left

VL1500 C1500 Intruder (EFI) 2013-14
Front Right

FL125 SDW Address 2007-08

AN250 Burgman 1998-02
AN400 Burgman 1999-06

FZ6 -N (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2004-06
FZ6 -S Fazer (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2004-06
FZ6 -SA Fazer (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006
MT-03 (660cc) 2006-10
TDR125 (4G) 1993-95
TDR125 (5AN) 2003
XJ6 -F Diversion (Fully Faired) (Non-ABS) 2010-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -FA Diversion (Fully Faired) (ABS) 2010-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -N Diversion (Naked) (Non-ABS) 2009-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -NA Diversion (Naked) (ABS) 2009-11, 2013-14
XJ6 -S Diversion (Half Faired) (Non-ABS) 2009-14
XJ6 -SA Diversion (Half Faired) (ABS) 2009-14
XJ600 N Diversion (Naked) (4KE) 1998-02
XJ600 N Diversion (Naked) (4MB) 1998-99
XJ600 S Diversion (Half Faired) 1998-03
XJR400 1993-96
XP500 T-Max 2004-07
XV125 Virago 2001
XV250 S Virago 2000
XVS1100 Dragstar 1999-02
XVS1100 Dragstar Classic 2000-06
XVS1300 A Midnight Star 2007-11, 2014
YP400 Majesty 2003-11
Front Right

SR125 Custom 1997-00
TDR125 (4G) 1996
TDR125 (5AN) 1997-02
XV125 Virago 1997-00
XV250 S Virago 1995-99
XVS125 Dragstar 2000-04
XVS250 Dragstar 2001-04
YP250 Majesty (Disc Brakes) 1998-03
YP250 Majesty (Front Disc) 1996-98

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