40.00mm Piston Kit - 008677

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This product fits the Honda ND50 Melody Deluxe 1984 model.
Fitment: Standard
Pack size: Each
SKU: 008677


40.00mm Piston Kit - 008677

  • Bore size 40.00mm
  • Gudgeon pin outer diameter 10mm
  • Crown height 20mm
  • Piston length 48mm
  • Ring peg position 27mm
  • 2 stroke
  • Without ports

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NC50 Express 1978-82
NC50 Express Deluxe 1982-85
ND50 Melody Deluxe 1981-85
NP50 Melody Mini 1983-84
NS50 Melody 1981-85
NU50 Runaway & Urban Express 1982-85
NV50 MS Stream 1982-86
NX50 Caren 1980-83
NX50 M Caren 1981
PA50 DX VL Camino 1978-84
PA50 DX VLM Camino Deluxe Special 1982-84
PA50 VCH Camino 1986-91
PA50 VLC Camino 1986
PX50 1981-86
PX50 S 1987
PXR50 1984-87
QR50 1983-87, 1991, 1993-03
SH50 City Express 1984-95

LC50 M Bop 1980-83
MJ50 Towny 1982-83
MS50 1985-87
PW50 1981-15
QT50 (MA50M) 1979-87
QT50 2 (MA50) 1981
SA50 M Passola 1980-81
SA50 ME Passola 1982-86

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