Welcome to The Motorcycle Products Company Limited. A small UK family owned business.

When I was 14 back in the early 70s, I began my passion for the biker lifestyle with a ride of an old Villiers Greeves 250cc in our local woods. This was the first bike I had ever ridden and being quite quick, I was thrown in the deep end by the older lads but will always be grateful. Many bikes were destroyed in those woods including Triumph Tiger Cubs, BSA Bantams and dozens of Francis-Barnetts etc. but I was hooked on motorbikes and have lived and loved the lifestyle ever since.

I have owned many bikes from several old Brit Irons, Jap twins and fours & a couple of Harleys but my old favourite will always be the Yamaha RD250 I had owned (£515 OTR) when I was 17 as that was the year I passed my bike test.

Some years later unfortunately I had an accident on an RD400 and fractured my lower spine in several places and as the years have gone by, my spine has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer ride. In fact since 2010 I have been virtually bedridden and diagnosed with several problems including Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

My back has really only caused me concern over the last few years as since the accident I continued to work in the sheet metal industry starting my own sheet metal business in 1992.

It soon got to the stage where I could no longer work the machines due to chronic back problems and even just sitting in the office was awkward as well as extremely boring and painful. However, as I had already taught myself how to build a website for the business I came up with the idea of building an online shop to sell motorcycle parts.

I sold up and sadly parted from my sheet metal business, registered Motorcycle Products with companies house and went live with a basic online shop and a few products.

Having worked on this for a few years for up to sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, I am obviously delighted that Motorcycle Products has become one of the biggest motorcycle part stores on the internet.

With the help of my son Stuart and my partner Lynne, we constantly add new products, improve and maintain the website, source parts from the major manufacturers and suppliers, process orders, answer emails etc.

Being a family run business and as our only source of income, we work very hard to make it successful.

We strive to give our customers reliability, value for money and great products 24/7.

Motorcycle Products hold no stock and instead, pay our suppliers fixed rates to courier or post items direct from their warehouses to your door and this is why you will receive a very fast delivery service. We ship same day unless an item is out of stock in which case I'll let you know as quickly as I can.

If you should ever receive the wrong item or there is a delay in its arrival, it will be very likely that a supplier or courier has let us down. However, you purchased from Motorcycle Products and I therefore hold myself personally responsible in resolving all issues.

Mistakes do happen unfortunately, but I will do everything in my power to put things right as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This online shop is far from complete, we still have hundreds of items to add and update as well as the day to day running and this is the main reason why there is only an aftersales telephone number available. It would be impossible for this store to grow if I spent all day on the phone. Send me an Email, it's far more efficient than a phone call, as more often than not, we have to do some research before we can give you a reasonable answer, hopefully within the hour, you should get a quick reply.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us and find the website easy to use.

Please do drop me a message via the Contact Us page if there's anything I can help you with.

And please do leave comments on our Facebook Page we love to hear your thoughts and comments.

All The Best
Arnie (Paul)

Founder and Managing Director
Motorcycle Products Limited

Registered Office:
Motorcycle Products Limited
C/o 146 New London Road

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Company Registered in England No.4356406

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