Air Filter Oil Aerosol (400ml)

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400ml of Motul A2 Air Filter Oil Aerosol Spray.
Blue coloured lubricant specially developed for the maintenance of foam air filters for on and off road bikes or quads. Improves air filter efficiency for better carburation. Effectively retains dust, mud, sand for greater engine durability. Prevents water from entering the filter. Very good resistance to clogging; prevents the filter from becoming choked.
Before each lubrication, disassemble the air filter and use Motul Air Filter Cleaner to clean thoroughly.
1) If you use the Motul Air Filter Oil Aerosol: spray the product 20 cm away so that it correctly coats the entire outside of the air filter. Then leave to dry.
2) If you use Motul Air Filter Oil in a 1L container: pour the product in a bowl, dip the foam air filter into it until completely soaked with the product, then squeeze to remove any excess, but without wringing. Leave to dry for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before placing back.

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