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Motorcycle Batteries by Reference or Type Number. Batteries are listed by markings on the battery which vary depending on manufacturer. Conventional motorcycle batteries reference numbers usually start with a "C" "or Y" but this is only the brand or manufacturers mark. For example: If your battery is marked GTX9-BS, you can use any other battery which will be the same if its only the thee first letter that's different, such as CTX9-BS or YTX9-BS, these are all the same battery. Some batteries begin with a 12 for 12 volts like 12N24-3 or 6 for 6 volts like 6N4-2A. There are essentially 3 types of motorcycle battery; Lead acid batteries (also known as wet cell batteries, conventional batteries and flooded cell batteries), Dry cell batteries (also known as maintenance free batteries and sealed type batteries), Gel motorcycle batteries (also known as AGM batteries, gel filled batteries and gel acid batteries). If you're unsure which battery you need, please contact us here and give the markings off your old battery.