Battery Charger 12v & 6v 0.5 Amp MotoBatt Trickle Charger

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0.5 Amp 6v & 12v Auto Cut Off Battery Charger Suitable For All Battery Types Including AGM, Gel & Acid Batteries
Motobatt MBBABY Baby Boy Trickle Battery Charger. Recommended for small 2.5 A/H batteries. The Baby Boy Charger is not designed to charge a large dead or sulphated battery.
Trickle chargers offer a simple and effective motorcycle battery charging solution and will keep a battery topped up over winter or storage periods. Each charger is supplied with two connector leads, Crocodile and Terminal, which have a male connector block. This block simply plugs into the female block of the charger unit, offering quick and versatile connection. Crocodile leads simply clip to the battery terminals and are suitable for worktop charging.

  • MotoBatt Baby Boy Battery Charger
  • Charging Current 500MA
  • Use on 6V or 12V Batteries - Manually Selectable
  • Auto Cut'Off - Safely & Fully Charge Without Over Charging
  • Fully Charges Standard, AGM & Gel Battery Types
  • Properly Charges & Maintains All Lead Acid Battery Types
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Will Not Spark & Scare User Or Increase Risk Of Explosion
  • High Impact Plastic Housing
  • Safe, Durable, Corrosion, Acid & Shock Resistant
  • 2 Stage Charging Process
  • Measures Voltage & Amperage Simultaneously For Increased Charge Speed, Depth, Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Bulk Charge Voltage 6v = 7.4max 12v = 14.7max
  • Input Voltage Range 120 VAC
  • Includes 1 x 1' 9" DC Cable With 7.5A Fuse Ring Connectors
2 Stage Charging and Maintenance Process
  1. Bulk Charge Phase: The bulk charge phase gives the battery constant current taking the battery up to 80% of its capacity
  2. Absorption and Shut Down Phase: In the MotoBatt absorption phase the battery is given constant voltage while the current is reduced until the battery is 100% charged. Then the charger will shut off without ongoing monitoring

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