Brake Caliper Boots Kawasaki OE Ref. 43052-005

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Brake Caliper Boots Kawasaki OE Ref. 43052-005

  • Brake caliper shaft boots are the rubber sleeves that protect the slide bolts
  • Replacement for Kawasaki OE 43052-005

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Z1 900 1973
Z1 900 A 1974
Z1 900 B 1975
Z1000 (KZ1000A) 1976
Z1000 ST (KZ1000E) Shaft 1981-82
Z1300 (KZ1300A) 1983
Z400 J 1981-83
Z440 (KZ440A) LTD 1979
Z650 (KZ650D) (SR650) 1981
Front (Upper or Lower)

Z1000 (KZ1000A) 1977-80
Z1000 (KZ1000D) Z1R 1978-80
Z1000 (KZ1000H) 1980
Z1000 ST (KZ1000E) Shaft 1979-80
Z1300 (KZ1300A) 1979-82
Z400 J 1980
Z440 (KZ440D) LTD 1982
Z550 (KZ550A) 1980
Z550 F (ZR550A) 1983
Z650 (KZ650D) (SR650) 1978-80
Z650 (KZ650F) 1980
Z900 (KZ900) A 1976-77
ZG1300 A Voyager 1984-89
Front or Rear (Upper or Lower)

Z500 (KZ500B) 1979-80
Z650 (KZ650C) 1977-79
Front Right (Upper or Lower)

KH400 Triple 1976-78
KH500 A/B Triple 1976
S3 (400cc) Mach II 1974-75
Z250 A (Twin) 1978-80
Z400 (KZ400G) Custom 1979
Z400 (KZ400H) LTD 1979
Z440 (KZ440A) LTD 1980-81
Z440 (KZ440C) 1980
Z440 (KZ440D) 1980
Z440 (KZ440D) LTD 1981, 1983
Z650 (KZ650B) 1977-79
Front Right or Rear (Upper or Lower)

Z750 (KZ750B) (Twin) 1976-79

GS750 B 1976-79
GS850 G 1979
Rear (Lower)

RM65 2003-05
Rear (Upper)

RM100 2003

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