Sprocket Cir-clips Gear Shaft Cir-clips Internal Cir-clips External Cir-clips. Imperial Circlips Metric Circlips Spindle Circlips Half Moon Clips. Front Sprocket Clips & Gear Shaft Clips. Piston Circlips can be found in the engine section under piston circlips and pins section. Best practice is to always replace circlips, "O" rings, gaskets, self locking nuts and crush washers. However, for most of us, many of these items are often reused. Inspect and decide for yourself and consider the consequence of failure. Never reuse a piston pin clip or a distorted circlip. When it comes to circlips, there are so many different kinds it is usually better to replace with original parts. unless you can find an exact duplicate but even the best stocked stores only have a small selection. With any circlip, always use the proper tool and never over-extend it or you will just ruin any circlip new or used.