Engine Oil Four Stroke 5100 10W-40 Semi Synthetic (Five Litre)

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Five Litres (Promotion) of Motul 5100 4T 10W-40 a Semi-Synthetic High Performance Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil with Technosynthese – Ester.
5100 4T is suitable for street and road bikes, trails, off-road bikes, ATVs' & scooters fitted with 4 stroke engines.
Technosynthese® lubricant reinforced by Ester base stock to warranty anti-wear properties and improve gear protection and life time. Improved oil film resistance at high temperatures for engine durability. Optimized Phosphorus and Sulphur content (JASO MA2 < 1200 ppm) for better operating conditions of catalytic converters.
The innovative anti wear additives package provides excellent gearbox protection. FZG Gear Test results: Pass FLS 14. The FZG Test, evaluates fluid lubricating and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears.
JASO has created its own 4-stroke motorcycle standard -JASO T903- which has three grades MA, MA1 and MA2. JASO MA2 offers the most efficient friction levels to guarantee the clutch engagement during the three riding modes: Starting, Acceleration and Constant Speed.
A Technosynthese® lubricant is a mix between Mineral and Synthetic based oils. MOTUL frequently uses the ESTER as Synthetic based oil into its formulations for Passenger car, Motorcycle and Heavy Duty engine oils. Technosynthese® is a MOTUL Brand for many years.

MOTUL from its' Paris headquarters in France produce world class Engine Oils to suit every motorcycle application from demanding off-road conditions to road going applications. The full range of Motul Oil from Mineral to 100% Synthetic and 300V range is designed to be superior in its respective application.
MOTUL has become a dominant presence in most International Motorsports due to their ability to produce oils to genuinely endure and protect during the toughest conditions in Motor Racing whilst providing Extra Horsepower! Maintaining this presence over many decades has come via a commitment to evolve side by side with the Engine Technology of today and tomorrow. The World's Top Motorcycle Racing teams and most discriminating enthusiasts agree on one thing – MOTUL, and for the right reasons.

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