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Fork & Rear Shock Absorber Protection (100ml)

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100ml Spray Can Motorcycle Front Forks & Rear Shock Absorber Protection
Recommended by ROCK-SHOX
Like daily tooth care the endurance and function of a motorcycle fork can only be guaranteed by thorough and regular maintenance.
A little BRUNOX Deo is sprayed on between submerge- and stand-pipe before and after each ride. Afterwards, spring the fork shortly for several times and you can suddenly see the difference.
BRUNOX Deo keeps the sealing rings in soft condition and does not adhesive dust. Optimal conditions for best performance.
BRUNOX Deo has an excellent penetration ability because of the additive Turboline, keeps the sealing rings smooth, so that you can execute your work even better.
Spray a little BRUNOX Deo on to the fork pillars before and after each ride and see the significant effect.
BRUNOX Deo keeps the sealing rings flexible whilst resisting dust; ensuring optimal conditions for best performance.
BRUNOX Deo protects fork seals, adjusting screws, fixings and all pneumatic parts of the forks.
A few drops after cleaning will act as a barrier to dirt and ensure long term protection.

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