Handlebars & Grips - Motorcycle Handlebars come in various shapes and are chosen based on the rider's preferred riding position for comfort and also for greater control. We cannot advise on which bars will fit your bike, we just don't have that data available. This category includes handlebars at 7/8" & 1" so check the outer diameter of your old bars before you purchase. Accessories for handlebars include handlebar grips, handlebar clamps and bar end weights etc. When ordering grips for 7/8" bars, you must order 7/8" grips. You will receive the left grip with an inner diameter of 7/8" and the right hand grip will have an inner diameter of just over 7/8" to allow for fitting over the throttle sleeve. Same with handlebar grips for the 1" bars, one will be an inch ID and the other will be just over.