Kill Switch ATV Gunnar Tether Type NO

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Kill Switch ATV Gunnar Tether Type "NO" (Normally Open)

This tether is normally open. To see if this is correct for your machine you must perform the following test.
1. Locate the two wires going to your machine's kill switch.
2. With the kill switch in the run position, test for continuity between the two wires.
3. If you DO NOT have continuity, this tether switch WILL work for your machine.
4. If you DO have continuity, this tether WILL NOT work for your machine.
There are two types of stop switches: (1) Normally Open (NO) or (2) Normally Closed (NC). Switches in this catalogue are typically of the Normally Open (NO) type. They work by GROUNDING the primary ignition lead when activated. Note that they will not work on electrical systems requiring a Normally Closed (NC) switch, which works by OPENING the circuit when activated. NC switches are typically used on battery type ignitions, which may have an ignition key as an identifier. NC switches are generally found on newer machines. If in doubt, check your machine’s wiring schematic, you have to know if your bike uses a 'normally open' or 'normally closed' kill switch.
Spring loaded, tether switch.
Easy to activate.
Beveled edge fork clip.
Belt attachment system.
Switch Kill Tether Type ideal for all off roaders & ATV's.

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