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Motobatt Batteries are Fully Sealed - Fully Charged - Maintenance Free - Have High Cranking Power & Most Have Four Posts For Adding Electrical Accessories. A Sealed AGM Battery will last longer without charge so are perfect for all bikes left standing for long periods. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat which have a much lower discharge rate than other batteries. The ability for the battery to discharge down to 30% of its capacity and then recover repeatedly under a standard alternator charge is far superior than acid & gel batteries. A Motobatt battery is a Factory Activated battery which means it is conditioned for optimum performance before it leaves the factory. Whilst Motobatts have a very low discharge rate compared with conventional designs, from time to time you may need to charge your battery. They must be charged by a charger that states it is designed for AGM, GEL or other Sealed batteries. If you cannot find the correct battery for your Motorcycle, ATV, Personal Water craft, Scooter, Snowmobile or Utility Vehicle, you can download our Motobatt battery fitments application guide here. Find your ride, copy the number marked in red and then paste that red number into our search box.
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