Classic Motorcycle Tyres to Modern Sport Tyres. Heidenau tyres are our top selling brand as these motorcycle. scooter and ATV tyres are of a very high quality but at realistic prices. Heidenau tyres made in Germany have become very popular and come highly recommended by many riders including scooters, big bike touring, classic road racers, Enduro and other competition riders. Heidenau, the builders of what you expect a tyre to be. Whether at high speeds, cornering, or in wet conditions, Heidenau tyres strive to fulfil the highest claims of quality guarantee you a reliable and well-crafted product with a high standard of quality, that truly lives up to the phrase "Made in Germany". If you're looking for cheap & cheerful, Deestone Tyres will do the job just as well as any other budget brand of tyre.