Our piston kits are all quality replacements manufactured in China, Taiwan and Japan. We do not currently supply any piston kits larger than 250cc other than the Yamaha RD350. All Piston Kits come complete with piston rings, gudgeon pin & circlips. Oversized piston kits and piston rings are available for rebores & big bore cylinders. Before ordering a piston kit, please check your engine for signs of a rebore by the previous owner. Check the top of your piston for any markings where possible and if not too badly damaged, as any numbers usually indicate an oversize piston. There should be an arrow as well which will point to the direction the piston should face. Piston Kits Listed are STANDARD for standard cylinders. Unless otherwise stated, all piston kits in the following categories are of standard size, same as factory fitted. 
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