Rubber Lined P-Clip 12mm Hose (Mikalor)

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Bag of 10 Mikalor Rubber Lined P-Clips ID 12mm is for 12mm OD Hose and are Suitable for all Silicone Coolant Hoses, Brake Pipes, Fuel Lines, Air Hoses & Water Hoses
All clips are 12.7mm wide and have a 5.3mm mounting hole for a 5mm bolt
Mounting hole will accept up to a M5 threaded bolt with the lower hole being elongated to allow for any adjustment that may be necessary when lining up the fixing holes
These rubber-lined connecting clamps, known in the market as P-Clips are composed of a zinc-plated mild steel band lined with EPDM rubber. This rubber lining allows for firm and safe clamping in the application zone and prevents potential damage due to vibration. The screw holes at either end of the band are reinforced with steel plates to ensure they clamp down firmly. P-Clips are particularly recommended for mounting pipes, electric cable ducting and hoses in a multitude of different applications

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