Motorcycle, Scooter & ATV Security (Locks) Products - Disc and Padlocks, Hardened Chains and Armoured Cables from Motorcycle Products. You should not just rely upon the ignition or steering lock fitted to your motorbike from the manufacturer. Most are inadequate and are relatively easy to overcome. Always use an additional form of security such as a good lock and chain, brake disc lock or a good alarm and immobiliser system. Due to the size and weight of most locks and chains in general, these are more suited to home or garage use, but, if possible try to carry one on the bike. Never carry a chain around your shoulder or carry a brake disc lock in your pocket. Serious injury could occur if you are involved in an accident. Use a lock and chain to anchor your motorbike to a solid object such as another vehicle, lamppost or fence. Fit a good quality lock and chain in this manner and it will give even the professional thief a difficult time in trying to steal your bike. At home, the installation of a ground anchor is a very good idea being either concreted or securely bolted in place. Either way they should be made a permanent fixture. Brake disc locks can be used as an addition to a good lock and chain. Used on their own they will generally deter joy riders, but the professional thief will either break the lock off at the scene or load your bike into a van and deal with the disc lock at his leisure. Brake disc locks used with another form of security can do some good, in particular, an alarmed lock.