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Suzuki Brake Light Switch (Rear)
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Suzuki Brake Light Switch (Rear)

[P/N 727095]
Price:  5.94

Before placing your order: Please make sure that the description below & image (unless generic) matches the original.


Suzuki Rear Brake Light Stop Switch

Rear Switch Assembly Stop OEM: 37740-31D00 which replaces 37740-45D00

Known to fit the following Suzuki models but may will fit many others

Suzuki DR125SE 1994
Suzuki DR125SE 1995
Suzuki DR125SE 1996
Suzuki DR200SE 1996
Suzuki DR200SE 1997
Suzuki DR200SE 1998
Suzuki DR200SE 1999
Suzuki DR200SE 2000
Suzuki DR200SE 2001
Suzuki DR200SE 2002
Suzuki DR200SE 2003
Suzuki DR200SE 2004
Suzuki DR200SE 2005
Suzuki DR350SE 1990
Suzuki DR350SE 1991
Suzuki DR350SE 1992
Suzuki DR350SE 1993
Suzuki DR350SE 1994
Suzuki DR350SE 1995
Suzuki DR350SE 1996
Suzuki DR350SE 1997
Suzuki DR350SE 1998
Suzuki DR350SE 1999
Suzuki DR650SE 1994
Suzuki GN125E 1991
Suzuki GN125E 1992
Suzuki GN125E 1993
Suzuki GN125E 1994
Suzuki GN125E 1995
Suzuki GN125E 1996
Suzuki GN125E 1997
Suzuki GSR600 all
Suzuki GSXR1000 all
Suzuki GSXR600 all
Suzuki GSXR750 all
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1992
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1993
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1994
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1995
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1996
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1997
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1998
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 1999
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 2000
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 2001
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 2002
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 2003
Suzuki Intruder (VS800GL) 2004
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 1997
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 1998
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 1999
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 2000
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 2001
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 2002
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 2003
Suzuki Marauder (VZ800) 2004
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 1996
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 1997
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 1998
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 1999
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 2000
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 2001
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 2002
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 2003
Suzuki Savage (LS650P) 2004
Suzuki SV650 1999
Suzuki SV650 2000
Suzuki SV650 2001
Suzuki SV650 2002
Suzuki SV650S 1999
Suzuki SV650S 2000
Suzuki SV650S 2001
Suzuki SV650S 2002
Suzuki TL1000R 1998
Suzuki TL1000R 1999
Suzuki TL1000R 2000
Suzuki TL1000R 2001
Suzuki TL1000R 2002
Suzuki TL1000R 2003
Suzuki TL1000S 1997
Suzuki TL1000S 1998
Suzuki TL1000S 1999
Suzuki TL1000S 2000
Suzuki TL1000S 2001
Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) 2002
Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) 2003
Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) 2004
Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) 2005
Suzuki V-Strom (DL1000) 2006-2009
Suzuki V-Strom (DL650) 2004-2009

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