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In 1999 Suzuki released what would go on to become the fastest production motorcycle of the 20th century. The Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa has a 1300cc, inline 4-cylinder engine which produces 170bhp and is capable of a 194mph top speed. Suzuki released the Hayabusa with the intention of taking the title "worlds fastest production motorcycle" away from the then current holder, Honda's CBR1100XX Blackbird. The name itself "Hayabusa" is Japanese for Peregrine Falcon and a reference not only to the high top speed, but the fact that the Peregrine Falcon preys on Blackbirds in the wild. Suzuki's Hayabusa went on to beat the Blackbirds top speed by 10mph. In the year 2000, amongst fears of a speed restriction or ban, Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers agreed to limit the top speed on all future models. This has meant that almost 15 years after the Hayabusa was first released, it still retains its title as "The King of Speed".