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TVH 520-098 Black Heavy Duty Drive Chain

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TVH 520-098 Black Heavy Duty Drive Chain

This final drive chain is the correct length and pitch for standard factory fitted sprockets.

  • Comes with a split link only

This may not be the most suitable grade of final drive (roller) chain for your motorcycle so, select only the correct grade recommended in your workshop manual.

Most all classic British, small Japanese, mopeds, MX and large classic Japanese bikes take a non-O-ring chain, the large modern machines will require an O or X-Ring

  • If you have odd sprockets with fewer or more teeth than standard you will have to select equivalent pitch and suitable length from our drive chain category. Always select a longer chain if in doubt, you can then cut it down with one of our chain tools, its not so simple to add links if its too short!
  • Typically adding two teeth to the rear sprocket equals the same as dropping one tooth on the front which means you can still use the standard length of chain whichever way you choose. We would however, advise on not using a smaller than standard front sprocket. On a smaller sprocket, the drive chain must turn a tighter radius, which increases friction and decreases the life expectancy of the chain
  • Our drive sprockets are listed for example (Front 14T) or (Rear 48T). These are non-standard sprockets and the 14T or 48T stands for the number of teeth. If a sprocket is simply marked (Front Standard) or (Rear Standard), this means that these are the factory fitted sprockets with the original number of teeth
  • Always go up or down in even numbers of teeth, as odd numbers will make selecting the length of chain to suit, more difficult

Chain Type Guide

  • Standard chain is a regular chain used on smaller bikes
  • Heavy Duty is mostly aimed for midsized road bikes, most MX bikes can run on HD chain
  • O-ring is a sealed chain mainly used on large road bikes. It's also used on some MX bikes, especially for Enduro use as they retain lubrication better than HD chains
  • X-ring is a step up from O-ring, they hold lubrication even longer therefore providing less friction and will last longer when compared to a matching brand. An X-ring seal has two lips to seal, to keep lube in and dirt out as it sits flat, it seals better than the O-ring seal
  • The life of O-ring chain is usually determined by the durability of the O-ring. To improve the durability, there should be an oil film on the O-rings at all times. Even though it is a sealed chain, lubrication is required to extend its working life
  • However, make no mistake, a more expensive O-ring chain can easily out last a cheaper X-ring chain
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