Right Hand or Left Hand
Throughout this website, all items referred to as left hand or just left are on your left hand side as you sit on the bike and all items referred to as right hand or just right are on your right hand side as you sit on the bike.

Brake Disc Pads
Sintered HH brake pads are of a higher grade than standard GG organic pads and will last much longer.
The best value for money, stopping power and long life are HH sintered pads.
Sold in pairs or fours, you may need more than a single set of pads if you have twin discs.
We would recommend using HH pads on machines 600cc and over and also on bikes ridden hard when racing etc. GG standard pads are the ones to go for if you are unsure and especially if mixing with unknown pads.

Brake Disc Rotors
All brake disc rotors are sold singularly.
The front discs are universal meaning they will fit on the left or right hand side unless otherwise stated.
Floating disc versions allows the inner portion of the disc mounting system to be made from a lighter material and hence decrease the rotating mass and overall lightness of the wheel.
Non-drilled versions are preferred for racing where cracking is possible in drilled versions due to high heat.

Brake Shoes
All drum brake shoes are sold as a single pair for one wheel.

Always make sure the battery matches your original.
If purchasing an AGM battery, make certain that you only ever charge it with an compatible AGM charger.
All our batteries are listed to show type and size for example: CTX12-BS (L:150mm x H:130mm x W:88mm). The first letter of CTX12-BS is a manufacturer marking.
Your original battery markings may start with another manufacturers marking: CTX12-BS, YTX12-BS or GTX12-BS etc. which are all the same battery.
(L:150mm x H:130mm x W:88mm) = Length x Height x Width.
Your battery will come with an acid pack (unless fully sealed) which must be added by following the instructions supplied.
Always charge fully overnight before use.

Chains & Sprockets
O-Ring & X-Ring chains (unless otherwise stated) come with a soft/rivet link. All others come with a split link.
Some sprockets are listed as for example (Front 14T) or (Rear 48T). These are non-standard sprockets and the 14T or 48T stand for the number of teeth. If sprocket is simply marked (Front Standard) or (Rear Standard), this means that these are the factory fitted standard sprockets with the original number of teeth.
All sprockets are made in Japan from high carbon steel and they match or exceed all OEM manufacturing standards.
If ordering NON-standard sprockets make sure you order the correct length of chain to match.
As a general rule, changing one tooth on the front sprocket is roughly equal to changing the rear by four teeth.
A smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket will make your bike accelerate faster, but have a lower top speed.
A larger front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket will make your top speed faster, but your acceleration will be slower.
If increasing the standard number of teeth we recommend an extra 2 links for each extra tooth to be on the save side!
So for example; if your standard chain is DID 525VM-110 O-Ring, you will need to look through our DID 525 chains section to find DID 525VM-112 O-Ring.
If going up or down by a total of only one tooth, then a standard length of chain will be fine.
DID is the brand, 525 is the pitch, VM is the grade, 112 is number of links and O-Ring is the type.
All our chains are of a high standard but DID chains are the BEST money can buy!

Chain Pitch Conversion For Old British Bikes
½" x 3/16" = 420
½" x 5/16" = 428
5/8" x ¼" = 520
5/8" x 5/16" = 525
5/8" x 3/8" = 530

Caliper Pistons
Made in Japan, our caliper piston kits include a single piston with 2 rubber seals, one of which may be a boot type seal depending on application. Caliper piston seals show the OD (outer diameter) of the piston, NOT of the seal.

The "Rise" is from centre of base to centre of highest point and not from bottom of bar to highest point.
Sorry but we do not have any information on which bars suit which bike.

Headrace Bearings
Your steering head bearings may be either ball bearing or taper bearing type. Our tapered steering head bearings are a direct replacement to your original OEM bearings for either types. Each kit includes top & bottom headrace bearings unless otherwise shown.

Fork Seals & Bushings
All fork oil seals, fork dust seals and fork bushings are sold as a pair which means you get "two" seals or "two" bushes in each pack, enough seals or bushings for both fork legs.

Piston Kits
All images show a generic image.
The piston may or may not come with port holes (windows) depending on which bike they are intended.
Our replacement piston kits come complete with piston, piston rings, piston (gudgeon) pin and circlips.
Please Note: All piston kits come as a standard size unless otherwise stated.
You will need an oversize piston kit if your barrel has ever been rebored. If there are marking on top of piston it means they are oversized, it should give size. If plain, means they are standard.

Shock Absorbers
All shock sizes are the distance from centre to centre of the pin/bolt fixing holes.

Wheel Bearings
Made in Japan, all of our wheel bearings are of OEM quality and sold singularly.
Being DDU or 2RS (Double Rubber Shield).
This means each bearing is rubber sealed each side.

Easy Shopping
Simply browse our website for the product or products that you would like to order. Add them to you shopping cart as you go. Remember you can add as many as you like. If you would like to remove any products from your order, simply go to "Cart Contents" (at the top of your screen), tick the box, adjust qty and then click on the "Update" button. When you are ready to complete your order, go to "Checkout" (at the top of your screen) or click the "Checkout" button. If you are a new customer, you will need to enter your delivery details.

Existing customers simply check delivery address and pay using preferred payment method.

Motorcycle Tyre Size Conversion Chart including Tyre Speed Rating Chart, Tyre Load Index Chart and Inner Tube Fitment Guide.

UK Vehicle Registration Years

Suffix Letter Identifier
Suffix Year
A 1963
B 1964
C 1965
D 1966
E 1967
F 1967
G 1968
H 1969
J 1970
K 1971
L 1972
M 1973
N 1974
P 1975
R 1976
S 1977
T 1978
V 1979
W 1980
X 1981
Y 1982
Prefix Letter Identifier
Prefix Year
A 1983
B 1984
C 1985
D 1986
E 1987
F 1988
G 1989
H 1990
J 1991
K 1992
L 1993
M 1994
N 1995
P 1996
R 1997
S 1998
T 1999
V 1999
W 2000
X 2000
Y 2001
New Style Number Identifier
Digits Year
00 N/A
01 N/A
51 2001 Second Half
02 2002 First Half
52 2002 Second Half
03 2003 First Half
53 2003 Second Half
04 2004 First Half
54 2004 Second Half
05 2005 First Half
55 2005 Second Half
06 2006 First Half
56 2006 Second Half
07 2007 First Half
57 2007 Second Half
08 2008 First Half
58 2008 Second Half
09 2009 First Half
59 2009 Second Half
10 2010 First Half
60 2010 Second Half
11 2011 First Half
61 2011 Second Half
12 2012 First Half
62 2012 Second Half
13 2013 First Half
63 2013 Second Half