Vertex VP20-3 AGM Battery YTX20L-BS

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Manufacturer: Vertex
Pack size: Each
SKU: 004845


Vertex VP20-3 AGM Battery YTX20L-BS

  • 12 volt 18AH 270 CCA
  • Length: 175mm x Width: 88mm x Height: 150mm

Replaces: CTX20L-BS, CTX20HL-BS, YTX20L-BS, YTX20HL-BS, YUAM320BS, 518901026, ETX20L-BS, YUAM620BH, GTX20L-BS, 20L-BS, ETX20L, 740-1890, ES20LBS, CYTX20L-BS, PTX20LBS-FS, BTX20L-BS, WPX20L-BS

Replacement part for the following OEM numbers:
Honda 31500-MCA-003, 31500-MCA-R31AH, 31500-HN8-761, 31500-MCA-000, 3150-0MCA-003, 3150-0MCA-700, 31500-MCA-701, 31500-MCA-B31, 31500-MCA-B32, 31500-MCA-B51, 31500-MCA-J80, 31500-MCA-J81, 31500-MCA-K11, 31500-MCA-R31AH, 31500-MCA-U80, 31500-MCA-U81, 31500-MCH-K10, 31500-MCH-K11, 31500-MCH-K12.
Yamaha 4SH-82100-22-00, 4SH-82100-00, 4SH-82100-20, 4SH-82100-21, 4SH-82100-30, 4SH-8210-031, BTY-YTX20-LB-S0, 5FU-H2100-20-00,

Please check compatibility particularly dimensions with your vehicle before purchase.

You automatically receive two years warranty from date of delivery.

Replacement only, no refunds or credit on Vertex batteries.

Charging the Vertex VP20-3

Do not leave your AGM battery on trickle charge all the time unless you're using one of our trickle chargers designed specifically for AGM batteries , take it off now and then to let the battery slightly discharge but never less than 12.2v otherwise it will ruin the battery and shorten its life.

Your battery comes to you pre-conditioned ready to install out of the box. You don't have to add acid, however due to storage variations in the supply chain you should always put the battery on an AGM type charger prior to fitting.
Draining a battery from parasitic loads is the number one cause of battery failure and once taken under 8V it’s very difficult for the battery to recover.
Many bike owners just don’t realise about the onslaught a modern battery now faces in the realm of sophisticated electronics.
We recommend one of our chargers as they are all suited for AGM batteries, this will ensure your battery is kept in the fully charged state it was designed for.
Please read more here Battery Care and FAQs, which applies to all batteries supplied by Motorcycle Products.
Your AGM battery requires looking after despite being classed as maintenance free, make sure you read as you may be surprised and it will lengthen the life of your battery.

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XVZ1300 AC Royal Star 1996
XVZ1300 AT Royal Star Tour Classic 1996-01
XVZ1300 ATC Royal Star Tour Classic 1996
XVZ1300 CT Royal Star Tour Deluxe 2005-09
XVZ1300 LT Royal Star Tour Deluxe 1997-01
XVZ1300 TF Royal Star Venture 1999-09
XVZ1300 TF Venture Star 1999-01
XVZ1300 TFM Royal Star Midnight Venture 2004-07
XVZ1300 TFS Royal Star Midnight Venture 2002-03
XVZ1300 TFS Royal Star Venture MM 2000
XVZ1300 TFS Royal Star Venture S 2008-13
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YFM400 Big Bear (2WD) 2000-02, 2004
YFM400 F Big Bear (4WD) 2001-02, 2004-06
YFM400 F Big Bear (4x4) 2000
YFM400 FA Kodiak (4WD) 2000-02
YFM400 FB Big Bear 2007-10
YFM400 FP Big Bear 2003-05
YFM400 FW Big Bear (4x4) 2001-03
YFM400 FW Kodiak 1996-99
YFM400 N Big Bear (2WD) 2003
YFM450 FA Kodiak 2003-06
YFM450 FG Grizzly (4WD) (IRS) 2007-13
YFM450 FGH Grizzly Hunter (4WD) (IRS) 2007-13
YFM450 FGP Grizzly (4WD) (IRS) (EPS) 2011-13
YFM450 FGPH Grizzly Hunter (4WD) (IRS) (EPS) 2011-13
YFM450 FX Wolverine 2006-10
YFM550 FG Grizzly 2009-13
YFM550 FGH Grizzly Hunter 2009-13
YFM550 FGP Grizzly (EPS) 2009-13
YFM550 FGPH Grizzly Hunter EPS 2009-13
YFM600 FW Grizzly 1998-02
YFM660 F Grizzly 2002-06
YFM660 FG Grizzly 2007-08
YFM660 FWA Grizzly 2002
YFM700 D Grizzly (4WD) (FI) 2014
YFM700 DH Grizzly Hunting (4WD) 2014
YFM700 FG Grizzly (4WD) 2008-13
YFM700 FGH Grizzly Hunter (4WD) 2009-13
YFM700 FGHP Grizzly Hunter (4WD) (EPS) 2009-13
YFM700 FGP Grizzly (4WD) (EPS) 2007-13
YFM700 P Grizzly (4WD) (EPS) (FI) 2014
YFM700 PH Grizzly Hunting (4WD) (EPS) 2014

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