Motorcycle Maintenance, Service Manuals & Repair Products. Service & replace parts with step by step instructions using a Haynes service & workshop manual which are clearly linked to hundreds of photos and illustrations showing you how to do each job. These Haynes Manuals are written from hands-on experience, based on the strip-down and rebuild of motorbikes & scooters using commonly available tools. Tools that you may need at some point in the bike's life when carrying out a simple service or full engine rebuild are listed here including extractors and plug spanners etc. Clean your motorcycle with some great products and give it a good grease up with the items available. With our paint and lacquers there are some great products for anything from engine paints to high temperature flame proof coatings. If you're going to change your oil, check ours for value. High grade motorcycle engine and fork oil available in all grades, just check with your service manual to which grade of oil they recommend.