10mm x 105mm/125mm Heel-toe Style Gear Lever

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10mm x 105mm/125mm Heel-toe Style Gear Lever

  • 10mm spline size
  • 105mm between spline and toe plate centres
  • 125mm between spline and heel plate centres

All parts and accessories are brand new and include VAT where applicable.
Most parts are pattern or aftermarket although some will be genuine but are not always stated as being so.
The use of motorcycle manufacturers' names is for reference purposes only. We do not imply that the products we sell are made by or with the permission of the names listed.

C50 (Single Seat) 1992-93, 1995
C50 C Cub 1982-86
C50 Cub 1970-80
C50 E Super Cub 1984-86
C50 L (Single Seat) 1980-85
C50 LAC 1982-84
C50 LAE 1984-87
C50 LAG 1986-89
C50 Z2 1977-78
C50 ZZ 1979-84
C70 1975-78
C70 C 1983-86
C70 E Cub 1983-86
C70 Z2 1977-82
C70 ZZ 1980-83
C90 1975-80
C90 C 1983-85
C90 E Cub 1984-86
C90 MF (Electric Start) 1985-86
C90 MG (Electric Start) 1986-93
C90 Z2 1975-78
C90 ZZ 1979-84
CF50 Chaly 1979
CF70 Chaly 1974
V50 1974-83
V70 A 1976
V75 A 1977
V80 1979-82
V80 DL 1983-87
V90 1978

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