120mm x 1.5mm Clutch Metal Plate with 30 Pegs

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120mm x 1.5mm Clutch Metal Plate with 30 Pegs

  • Outer diameter 120mm
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • Number of pegs 30

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4 Required

KE125 A 1976-85
KE175 B 1976-78
KE175 D 1979-83
KH125 A 1977-82
KT250 A 1975
KT250 A Trial 1976
KX125 A 1974-77
5 Required

KDX175 A/B 1979-82
KH250 Triple 1976-83
KX125 A 1978-81
KX125 B 1982
S1 (250cc) Mach I 1973-75
S2 (350cc) Mach II 1972-73
6 Required

KDX200 A 1983-85
KDX200 B 1984-85
KH400 Triple 1976-81
KX125 B 1983
KX125 C 1984
S3 (400cc) Mach II 1974-75

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