10mm x 7.75mm x 4.5mm Valve Stem Oil Seals

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10mm x 7.75mm x 4.5mm Valve Stem Oil Seals

  • Outer diameter 10mm
  • Inner diameter 7.75mm
  • Stem 4.5mm

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Inlet or Exhaust

EN450 A LTD 1985-90
EN500 A Vulcan 1990-93
EN500 B Vulcan 1994-95
EN500 C Vulcan LTD 1996-02
ER-5 (ER500A) 1996-00
ER-5 (ER500C) 2001-07
GPZ1000 RX (ZX1000A) 1985-89
GPZ305 (EX305A) (Chain Drive) 1983
GPZ305 (EX305B) (Belt Drive) 1991-94
GPZ500 S (EX500A) 1987-93
GPZ500 S (EX500D) 1994-03
GPZ500 S (EX500E) 1994-04
GPZ750 R (ZX750G) 1984-88
GPZ900 R (ZX900A) Ninja 1984-98
GTR1000 (ZG1000A) 1986-99
KFX400 (KSF400A) 2003-06
KLE500 A 1991-03
KLF220 A Bayou 1988-02
KLF400 B Bayou 4x4 1993-99
KLR250 D (KL250) 1985-02
KLX400 R (KLX400B) 2003
KLX400 SR (KLX400A) 2003
KSF250 A Mojave 1987-04
KVF400 C 4x4 Prairie 1999-02
KVF400 D 2x4 Prairie 1999-02
Z250 A (Twin) 1978-82
ZL1000 A Eliminator 1987-90
Inlet or Exhaust

DR-Z400 E 2000-07
DR-Z400 S 2000-09
DR-Z400 SM 2005-09
DR250 S 1990-92
DR250 SE 1993-95
DR350 1990-99
DR350 S 1990-94
DR350 SE 1994-99
EN125 2/2A 2004-08
GSF1200 A Bandit (Naked) (ABS) 2006
GSF1200 Bandit (Naked) 1996-06
GSF1200 S Bandit (Half Faired) 1996-06
GSF1200 SA Bandit (Half Faired) (ABS) 2006
GSF600 Bandit (Naked) 1995-04
GSF600 S Bandit (Faired) 1996-04
GSF650 Bandit (Naked) 2005-06
GSF650 S Bandit (Faired) 2005-06
GSF650 SA Bandit (Faired) (ABS) 2005-06
GSX1100 F 1988-96
GSX1100 G (Shaft Drive) 1991-94
GSX1300 R Hayabusa 1999-06
GSX600 F 1988-06
GSX750 EF (Fully Faired) 1984-85
GSX750 F (Fully Faired) 1989-06
GSX750 Inazuma 1998-01
GSXR1100 1986-92
GSXR1100 W (L/C) 1993-96
GSXR750 1985-91
GSXR750 R Racing 1989
GSXR750 W (L/C) 1992-95
LT-A400 Eiger (2WD) 2002-07
LT-A400 F Eiger (4WD) 2002-07
LT-A400 F King Quad Auto (4WD) 2008-10
LT-A450 X King Quad 2007-10
LT-F400 Eiger (2WD) 2002-04
LT-F400 F Eiger (4WD) 2002-07
LT-F400 F King Quad (4WD) 2008-10
LT-Z400 Quadsport 2003-10
RM-Z450 (4T) 2005-06
RV125 VanVan 2003-10
UC125 Epicuro 1999-00
UH125 Burgman 2002-10
UH200 Burgman 2007-10
UX125 SIXteen 2008-10
UX150 SIXteen 2008-10

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