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Motobatt MBTX24U AGM Sealed Battery

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Motobatt MBTX24U AGM Sealed Battery

  • 12V 25AH CCA 285
  • Terminals: 4 (2 positive, 2 negative)
  • Battery can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Length: 205mm x Width: 87mm x Height: 162mm
  • Includes 1 x 14mm bottom spacer
  • Total height including spacer: 176mm

Replaces: 12N183, 12N183A, CTX18-BS, CTX18L-BS, GTX18L-BS, Y50N18AA, Y50N18LA, Y50N18LA2, Y50N18LA3, Y50N18LACX, SY50N18LA, SY50N18LAT, YTX24HLBS, YTX24HL, YTX24, YTH24H-BS.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are completely leak proof, maintenance free, charged and ready to fit straight out of the box.

The Motobatt MBTX24U comes with one year guarantee or two if you register it.

Replacement only, no refunds or credit on Motobatt batteries.

Use this form to register your battery within 21 days for extending your 12 month warranty to two years and should you ever need to make a claim please use the same form.

Charging the Motobatt MBTX24U

Do not leave your AGM battery on trickle charge all the time, take it off now and then to let the battery slightly discharge but never less than 12.2v otherwise it will ruin the battery and shorten its life.

For full instructions on how you should maintain and charge your AGM battery please read the section on Battery Care and FAQs.

Motobatt Installation Guide

Which Motobatt Maintainer for Which Size Battery?

Matching a Motobatt Charger and Maintainer with battery capacity is not required, as voltage and amperage are constantly monitored, and reduced or increased by the unique Motobatt 9 stage charging and maintenance process. However you may wish to choose a Motobatt Charger and Maintainer to suit your budget or your performance requirements.

Motobatt models: Little Boy, Water Boy, Fat Boy, Dual Bank and Quad Bank are a microprocessor controlled "Charger and Maintainer" in one unit, and enable a regular consumer without battery knowledge to properly charge and maintain any lead acid battery safely.

Motobatt models: Baby Boy Charger will charge 6 or 12V Power Sports batteries to full charge then move into safe mode and automatically shut off. The Baby Boy Charger is not designed to charge a large dead flat or sulphated battery.

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